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Industrial Kitchen

The Garden-Fresh Foods Research and Development Center is where all products start and is the center of our innovation.

We have a broad range of culinary expertise and proprietary recipe knowledge from our senior food technologist to our executive chef, applying said expertise to all of our products. We also understand that some of the more traditional customers have different tastes and expectations from newer consumers who seek out bold flavors and easy-to-eat options.

Whether it is our new, trending options or regionally differentiated products, Garden-Fresh Foods has the best options to help your business increase sales.



Flavor Profile


Garden-Fresh understands and expertly implements flavor profiles. To really embrace this we create new and innovate combinations using fresh food, fresh flavors and quality ingredients from a relatively short list of items. In essence the flavor profile describes flavor in terms of 5 major components: character notes or attributes, intensities of those attributes, the order of appearance of the attributes, aftertaste and amplitude (a complex phenomenon defined as the overall impression of the blendedness of the analyzable and non-analyzable flavor components). The best results come from highly rated profiles made with a short list of ingredients.

Cultural Diversity


Part of innovation is understanding that North America is a mix of diverse cultures, traditions and cuisine. Taste varies from person to person and region to region. Garden-Fresh Foods understands this and we tailor recipes for your targeted customers. People want familiar, comfort food that looks and tastes homemade. Customers in Texas may crave a spicy, southwestern take on BBQ beans for their cookout whereas customers in Carolina may desire a sweet, hickory-flavored version. Garden-Fresh Foods works with you and your customers to deliver the same fresh, homemade taste you expect with the customized elements you need.



Another component of Garden-Fresh innovation is seasonality. Every year as the seasons change, so do the palates of the consumer. To stay ahead of these trends, the Garden-Fresh innovation engine is always at work seeking the freshest, locally-sourced products and best quality components that are on-trend to become best sellers. Whether you desire classic holiday party sides, an elegant party appetizer or your own special signature recipes, we can produce any seasonal product.