Food containers in retail store

Garden-Fresh Foods prepares delicious and satisfying foods with creative flavor profiles using high quality and fresh ingredients. Whether you are an independent grocery store, a major grocery retailer, or a café, we can work with you to create one-of-a-kind deli items to drive revenue and increase customer loyalty.

At Garden-Fresh Foods our kitchen is not just a place where food is made, our kitchen is analogous to an art studio where food is created with artistic expression. Our senior food technologist, executive chef, and research development team use their expertise to create customized-food options with bold flavors certain to satisfy even the most discriminating palate. The team’s keen insight into culturally diverse taste profiles affords them the opportunity to customize recipes associated with specific regions across the country. In other words, we can develop food items and adapt them to your customers’ palate.

We are equipped to help create new recipes using your existing base ingredients that need an updated, fresh twist to stay competitive in the retail market. We can also help create brand new food items you can feature anytime or during the holiday season.

Garden-Fresh Foods creates satisfying, innovative food products including specialty items, seasonal offerings, clean-label salads, desserts and more. Our offerings include branded or private label items available in bulk, pre-packs, cups, trays and components.